General: IDF Readying New Tools against Gaza

Southern Command Head Maj. Gen. Russo: Israel's south was the first to feel the brunt of "Arab Spring."

Gil Ronen ,

Maj. Gen. Tal Russo
Maj. Gen. Tal Russo
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Head of the IDF's Southern Command, Maj. Gen. Tal Russo, said Thursday that the IDF is working on new "tools" for use against the terrorists in Gaza.

In a meeting between the Southern Command's top brass and the heads of local government in the south, Maj. Gen. Russo said that "The south was the first to experience the dramatic change that followed the Arab rebellion in the past year."

"We must understand that the Arab rebellion is neither a tsunami nor a passing wave – but a stormy sea that requires us to develop a full response to all of the security challenges," he explained. "And we have good operational capability. The IDF can provide the response to the instability in Egypt and Gaza."

"All in all, in the last year we have advanced quite a few things, security-wise, around Gaza, like the alerts for mortar shells and Iron Dome. As far as the attack mode is concerned there are many tools we have not yet used, and we are preparing them. The IDF is ready for every scenario, as regards the attack mode."

Russo said that in terms of casualties from enemy actions, Israel is currently in the quietest period it has known since it was established. "And yet one does not feel this," he noted. "Part of the aims of the other side is to hurt morale and civilian life in the country and we must not let that happen."