Videos of Assad’s Thug Squads

Videos emerge of Assad loyalists executing rebels and throwing bodies off rooftops. Russia is suspected of sending troops to help Assad.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

Smoke rises from Syrian shelling of Homs
Smoke rises from Syrian shelling of Homs

Videos have emerged of Assad loyalists executing rebels and throwing their bodies off rooftops, while Russia is suspected of sending troops to help Syrian President Bashar Assad at the same time it calls for a halt to violence.

The video below shows Assad’s loyalists tossing bodies off a rooftop, with the sound of sporadic gunshots in the background.

As the Syrian army continues to bombard central Syrian cities following a battle on Saturday and Sunday between defiant rebels and the army in the capital, Russia is suspected of having sent anti-terror troops on an oil tanker that docked in Syria earlier this month. The ship supposedly was on anti-piracy patrols, but Russia’s Interfax news agency reported that the mission was also  “for demonstrating the Russian presence in the turbulent region and possible evacuation of Russian citizens.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov denied that Moscow sent troops on Syrian soil, but Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov admitted there are military advisers in the Syria, which is heavily dependent on Russia for weapons.

At the same time Russia is helping Assad defend his regime, it has also backed down from its anti-Western stance and said it is willing to back a United Nations resolution for a plan to end the brutal slaughter of opponents to Assad. However, Lavrov warned that the resolution should not be an ultimatum to the Syrian government.

If Russian troops are discovered to be in Syria, Moscow could be labeled guilty of war crimes in what are bound to be future investigations of the murders of thousands of Syrians.

A video below shows what is left of hospital rooms after Assad’s forces shelled the medical facility.

Meanwhile, three more Syrian generals have fled the country to join rebels, according to a Turkish diplomat, bringing to nine the number of generals who have deserted.

The video below shows a group of Syrian soldiers defecting and joining demonstrators.




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