"Southern Terror Underscores Magnitude of the Iranian Threat"

PM Netanyahu met with Italian Defense Minister and emphasized the connection between the situation in the south and the Iranian threat.

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Yoni Kempinski,

PM Netanyahu with Italian DM
PM Netanyahu with Italian DM

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Italian Defense Minister Giampaolo Di Paola today (Monday) at the Knesset. “Relations between Italy and Israel are good and are becoming stronger", stated Netanyahu, " We are cooperating on all possible levels".

Prime Minister Netanyahu noted that the Italian Defense Minister's visit to Israel is taking place "at a time when the focus of attention is on the terrorist attacks being perpetrated by elements which are backed and financed by Iran".

"Dozens of rockets are hitting Israel", said Netanyahu, "These terrorist attacks, by Islamic Jihad for example, underscore the magnitude of the danger that would be created if – Heaven forbid – a nuclear Iran would stand behind them.  The world must be united in the face of the Iranian threat.”