Eight-Year-Old Seriously Injured by Toy Detonator

Eight-year-old Ron Moriaty from Tiberias was seriously injured by a toy detonator. Police remind public to stay safe on Purim.

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Elad Benari,

Magen David Adom ambulance
Magen David Adom ambulance
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The holiday of Purim is upon us and while it is a joyous time, especially for children, it is also a reminder that certain toys can be dangerous and should be avoided.

Eight-year-old Ron Moriaty from Tiberias was hospitalized on Tuesday after being injured by an exploding toy detonator.

The incident occurred as Moriaty was playing with friends and one of them, a 12-year girl, asked him to light the detonator. Moriaty agreed and turned on the detonator while holding it between his hands.

He was unable to throw down the detonator in time and it exploded, hitting him. He was taken to the Poriyah Hospital in Tiberias with an eye injury and with bleeding from the bridge of the nose.

The doctors who examined the eye feared the explosion caused it severe damage. They decided to transfer young Ron for further treatment at the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. The Tiberias police have launched an investigation into the incident.

Police reminded the public on Wednesday that detonators are dangerous, especially for children, and should be avoided. “The sale of these items is prohibited as they caused injuries, including amputation of fingers and even blindness, in case of injury to the facial area,” said the police.

Ron’s mother, Meirav, asked the public on Wednesday to pray for his full recovery.