Purim Parades and Concerts Proliferate in Israel

Looking for something exciting to do on Purim? There's no shortage of activities that combine hip and trendy with religious and spiritual.

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Purim concert posters
Purim concert posters
photos with permission Olam Haba & Nadia Levine

Looking for something exciting to do on Purim? There's no shortage of activities that combine hip and trendy with religious and spiritual.

The Jewish holiday of Purim is prompting a plethora of concerts and parades. The Fast of Esther will take place Wednesday from sunrise to sundown. For most cities, Purim will begin Wednesday night. In walled cities such as Jerusalem,  Shushan Purim will begin Thursday night. The fast day will remain on Wednesday regardless of the city for everyone. The following is a brief sampling of the many Purim events throughout the country.

Chabad of Baka (Jerusalem's Geulim neighborhood) will hold an event hosted by local Chabad representatives Rabbi Avraham and Mrs. Dina Hendel followed by live music and dancing. For more information email chabadjanglo@gmail.com.

Chabad of Rehavia will hold an "Azza Zaza Megillah Express" event on Azza Street in Jerusalem featuring a comedy and juggling show on Thursday. Megillah readings will be held at local restaurants on Friday. For more information email rabbi@jerusalemchabad.org.

The Olam Haba organization is hosting the ethnic world-beat band Aharit Hayamim at the King David's Tomb area on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. Opening up with be DJ Shai Sorek and Michael Kelter of the band Shakshuka. They will hold a Purim parade on Friday from Mount Zion to Jerusalem's Nachlaot neighborhood. For more information email olamhaba2012@gmail.com.

The Jerusalem Soul Center will hold a festive meal on Thursday evening at their new facilities on Rabbi Akiva Street in downtown Jerusalem hosted by Ezra and Malkah Amichai. For more information email jerusalemsoulcenter@gmail.com

GroovyPurimLand @ The Khan will take place Thursday evening at the historic Khan Theater in Jerusalem. The band Pritzat Disc will play 60's cover songs. DJ Ami will perform as well. A prize will be given for best Purim costume. For more information email ladidah2000@gmail.com.

On Friday afternoon, the Kol Rina synagogue in Jerusalem's Nachlaot neighborhood will have a festive Purim meal hosted by Rabbi Gili Houpt. For more information email kolrinabulletin@gmail.com.

In Tel Aviv, on Wednesday evening the Shorashim organization will hold a Megillah reading followed by a Purim jam session. Guests are encouraged to bring their own instruments. Also featured will be stand-up comedy and a costume contest. The event will take place at the Shorashim Center at 13 Fireberg Street near Tel Aviv's trendy Shenkin Street. For more information visit http://www.shorashim.info/.

Also in Tel Aviv on Friday, the annual Florentin Tel Aviv Street Party will close off the neighborhood a feature five different street stages for live music.  A parade will take place on King Saul Boulevard and Museum Square with music as well.

Adloyada parades will take place in the cities of Holon, Ramat Hasharon and other cities on Thursday during the day with activities for children.

In Haifa, musician Mosh Ben-Ari will perform at the annual Tzovhotz Purim parade.

There are many other Purim events taking place in Jewish communities in Israel and around the world. Purim traditions include the reading of the Biblical Megillat Esther, or Scroll of Esther, passing out gifts of food to friends and neighbors, giving charity, and dressing in costumes. Schools throughout Israel will be closed for the holiday.