Migron to State: Keep Your Word or No Deal!

The residents of Migron say that the government gave its word and is obligated to keep it - otherwise they won't sign on the dotted line.

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Ronny Ramon
Ronny Ramon
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Ronny Ramon, the strategic consultant for Migron, told Arutz Sheva "The people of Migron are saying; that in three and a half years' time when they finally have to evacuate and go to their new community, that the legal terms are that the current community should not be destroyed, and that the houses should not be demolished."

"According to the law everything that is right [legal,ed.] will stay there forever," Ramon said. "They want to sharpen [clarify,ed.] this in the agreement between them and the government of Israel. "

"And until this is clarified, they will sign this into the paper, into the agreement, between them and the government of Israel. And until this is sharpened [clear, ed.] they will not sign," he added.

Monday's protests by Migron's residents came after state prosecutors had pressured the government into reneging on conditions it previously agreed to in an agreement to move the residents to a nearby location.

In the original negotiations, the residents were the ones who made most of the concessions, yet the state has now performed a face-heel turn on its central concession – the agreement that the structures would remain in place until a court decides on their status.

According to the compromise reached earlier this month, land upon which Migron currently resides would be handed over to the IDF Civil Administration, which will "consider positively" the continued use of structures built on plots that were owned by Arabs who left the Land of Israel long ago, and can no longer claim them. 

The compromise was brokered by Minister-without-Porfolio Benny Begin on the basis of a statement by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

However, Arutz Sheva learned Monday that the state now says there will be no civilian presence at the present site of Migron until claims of ownership of the land are all settled. 

In addition, it insists that all buildings at the site be razed and says that only if it turns out that the land has no private owner can they be rebuilt.

Coalition chairman MK Zeev Elkin (Likud) accused state prosecutors of "walking on people's heads."

Begin informed the residents of Migron of the state's new position and asked that they respond to the state's conditions by Monday morning.

"Why does the prosecution have to walk on people's heads, and in fact demand that all the buildings be razed, when the law does not require it? There is a clear retreat from agreements here," Elkin said.