Haredi MK: Tal Ruling is a 'Hit and Run' by Judge

Deputy Health Minister Litzman says outgoing High Court president Beinisch purposely left decision to end of term.

Gil Ronen,

MK Litzman
MK Litzman
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman Monday accused outgoing Supreme Court president Dorit Beinisch of purposely leaving the decision annulling the Tal Law to her last days in office. Litzman believes the judge was politically motivated in the timing of the decision, which ruled that the law regulating hareidi conscription to the IDF was "unconstitutional."

"This matter was on her table for four years," Litzman told IDF Radio. "She did not make a decision until the last moment. This decision on the Tal Law is a 'hit and run' by Beinisch."

"Judges know politics, too," he explained. "They know how to leave an impression for the years to come."

Regarding the nurses' strike, Litzman said that the nurses refused all of the offers he made in an effort to ease their plight, including the hiring of nurses' assistants. "I did all I could for the nurse and I take care of them every day, but  nurses' strike is an impossible thing and we must not let such a thing happen," he stated.