Civilians Begin Patrolling Roads of Judea

Fed up with rock terror, Kiryat Arba residents are carrying out patrols in coordination with the IDF.

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Gil Ronen,

Rock throwers
Rock throwers
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Fed up with the incessant rock-throwing attacks on motorists in Judea, Jewish residents of Kiryat Arba have begun patrolling the roads themselves, augmenting the IDF's efforts to maintain order. The patrols are coordinated with the IDF.

According to Chen Tohami, the initiative was born following the murder of Asher Palmer and his son Yonatan, whose car overturned after Arabs in an oncoming car threw a rock that hit Asher's head.

"We felt that we can no longer sit and see our brothers' blood being shed and remain at home," he told Arutz Sheva.

Tohami said that while IDF soldiers are present on the roads, it appears that they are not there in sufficient force to create deterrence. "The fact is that when you need, them they are not always there – that means the forces are not sufficient. It seems there is no deterrence. Maybe there is a policy that makes this situation possible," he added, hinting that the existence of "peace talks" with the local Arab leadership may be hindering effective action against the terrorists.

Tohami says that he hopes other communities will join the initiative.

The civilian patrols are usually manned by 10-20 residents at a time, said Tohami, although some patrols are smaller in size. The residents inform the IDF of every patrol. The patrols have not yet gone into action against rock throwers in real time. "When a situation like that occurs, we will do everything possible to protect Jews," Tohami said, preferring not to elaborate.