Partial Railway Strike Despite Court Order

Rishon LeTzion – Hod HaSharon not operating on schedule, as Israel Railways employees threaten tougher measures.

Gil Ronen,

New fast train to Jerusalem
New fast train to Jerusalem
Computer Generated, Israel Railways

Israel Railways employees are disrupting the operation of trains Monday, in contravention of a temporary order issued last night by the Labor Court, ordering new train engines to be used.

The head of the Railway Workers' Union, Gila Adrei, announced Sunday that four recently purchased engines would not be running because their drivers have not been properly trained. The Israel Railways management rejected this claim.

The union says that it is planning much more serious disruptions 48 hours from now, because of a decision to outsource service for the new engines.

The management called upon Adrei "to choose a path of discussion and not hurt the passengers and workers again."

The union retorted that the management is "projecting onto the workers its inability to manage."