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Academic Medical Product Development Program Launches

The College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS) is about to launch a new academic program in medical product development.

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Chana Ya'ar,

College of Management Academic Studies
College of Management Academic Studies
Israel news photo: COMAS

Israel is staying on the cutting edge of global education, with a new program at the College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS) in Rishon Letzion: a new academic program in medical product development.

The first of its kind in the country, the international certificate program will be taught entirely in English and led by Professor Avi Karasik, a member of the faculty of the School of Business Administration, and who is Chairman of The Israel Center for Pharmaceutical Medicine.

A postgraduate education and training program, the new curriculum is designed to train students in the discovery, development and regulation of medical products, while combining “soft and hard skills of medical product management,” Karasik said.

“We are confident this curriculum will prove highly instrumental for the Israeli pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry... as this area demands an increasing number of professionals versed in strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing, intellectual property, patents, and more,” he added.

Courses will emphasize “integrated drug development that is science-based, efficient, economical, high quality and rapidly leading to better and safer medical products for patients,” the college said in a statement.

Classes will be taught by a faculty drawn from Israeli, European and U.S. Universities, and comprise six four-day modules, spanning a two-year period, with the first to take place June 18-21.

The timing of the modules is planned to allow for a combination of work and study,  as well as the arrival of staff and students from abroad.

In addition, specialists from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and regulatory authorities will also teach some of the courses.

The program is being co-organized by The Israel Center for Pharmaceutical Medicine (ICPM), and the Institute for Continuing Studies at COMAS.

Also collaborating on the program are the European Center for Pharmaceutical Medicine (ECPM) of the University of Basel and the European Union Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI) Pharmatrain.