IDF: Preparing the Next Generation

IDF Emergency Situation Instructors are coming to a school near you to ensure children are prepared for the vicissitudes of life in Israel.

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Noi Eisen
Noi Eisen
IDF Screen Capture

IDF Emergency Situation Instructors are preparing the next generation of Israelis to confront the dangers that can arise unexpectedly in the Holy Land.

Seen in classrooms throughout the Israel, they instruct children in emergency procedures from bomb drills to gas masks and beyond.

"Since our country is surrounded by enemies you always have to be prepared," says IDF Emergency Situation Instructor Noy Eisen, who works with fifth graders across Israel. "One day you live a normal day, and the day after you can experience a bomb or rockets."

"Every day I get a new school to go to. Every class gets two hours per day on how to deal with different emergencies. Earthquakes, and gas masks, and missiles and rockets," she explained.

"I feel very proud to do this. And I feel very satisfied by the fact that I help people save their lives. The most important thing is their lives," she said.

"I feel really very, very, happy that I have this job," Noy said. "I really do"