Q&As: The Idea of Prayer & the Concept of Heaven

Ari and Jeremy present two new videos in their Q&A series as they deal with two essential concepts in Judaism.

Yoni Kempinski,

Ari and Jeremy
Ari and Jeremy
Israel news photo: TNL

Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel continue to produce short and up-to-beat clips which offer initial and basic answers to significant questions about Judaism.

The two latest videos deal with the concepts of prayer and heaven

"The Nation of Israel has an ancient history and rich spiritual heritage", explain the TNL duo, "Prayer is one of the most central elements of Jewish life, but to the outsider Jewish prayer may seem a little strange. Why do the Jewish People pray from a book? Who wrote the prayers? It's time for people to understand the spiritual practices of the faith of Israel."

The second video relates to the idea of "Heaven and Hell." "We try to understand the "Mitzvot", mostly reffered to as "the commandments," they expIain and ask, Are the Miztvot all about getting a prime spot in Paradise? Is that even the point?"

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