Snowstorm Blocks Roads in the Golan

A snowstorm has hit the Golan; drivers and hikers exhorted to caution; floods feared on Shabbat; rain throughout Israel next week.

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Snow in Golan
Snow in Golan
Flash 90

A raging blizzard has hit the northern Golan Heights near Ein Zivan and northward toward Mt. Hermon.

All roads in the affected area have been blocked by the storm. Department of Public Works snow plows are working to clear the roads.

Police are asking travelers not to traverse the area due to dangerous road conditions.

It was also reported that hikers in the area have been asked to abide by the warning signs and only use marked trails so as not to wander inadvertently into minefields.

Temperatures are expected to rise on Saturday leading the blizzard to turn into a rain storm. Snow may still fall on Mt. Hermon as well as the high peaks of the Galilee and Golan Heights throughout Shabbat.

There is concern of flooding in the north as temperatures rise, and of strong winds throughout the country. Temperatures are expected to remain uncharacteristically low until Sunday.

On Sunday, as temperatures rise, the rains are expected to spread southward across all of Israel. The Meteorological Service reported that concern of flooding in the Judean Desert and the Jordan Valley is high.

Those driving on roads that pass through wadis and near cliff faces in those regions are asked to remain vigilant.