TNL Duo goes Viral with Q&A Catchy & Funny Video Clips

Ari and Jeremy continue with their video based educational mission as they launch the weekly Q&A video series.

Yoni Kempinski,

Jeremy Gimpel
Jeremy Gimpel

After launching “Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem”, the first ever live English talk show broadcast from Israel internationally, Ari Abramowitz & Jeremy Gimpel have expanded their arsenal of innovative “Israel inspired” media by creating several series of viral videos that are regularly ranking among the top youtube videos in Israel.

“When we started TNL with Arutz Sheva, we had no idea how far our videos would reach. We just had emunah (faith) that if we did everything in our power to share the Israel that we love so much, the side that the world doesn’t get to see on the mainstream media, then somehow the message would reach the world,” Abramowitz explains.

And reach the world it has – today Ari & Jeremy’s programs are seen on the Arutz Sheva website and on numerous channels and networks on both cable and satellite TV. Since launching their new series of short educational viral videos just a couple months ago, their videos have been seen by over a million viewers. Since focusing on internet video clips, The Land of has become one of the largest Jewish Facebook Pages in the country with over 125,000. "I think people want to hear a positive message coming out of Israel and that's the reason they 'like' our page or subscribe to our mailing list. They don’t want to just be educated or even entertained,” Ari explains, “they want to be inspired”.

"Getting a catchy song or a funny blooper to go viral is easy, and is not necessarily a bad thing, but teaching Torah or educating people about Israel in a substantive yet entertaining way is a lot trickier," Jeremy shared. He went on to explain the secret to their success. “At The Land of we have an awesome team. Ari is an incredible writer and our new creative director Eli Ben Ze'ev has done a fantastic job at packaging powerful messages in short and well crafted clips. Our viewers are our backbone. They support us, encourage us and always have great new ideas how to deliver our message in bigger and better ways. We couldn’t do it without them, particularly in reference to our newest series”.

Capitalizing on the momentum, Ari and Jeremy have started a new video series, which can be viewed here at the Arutz Sheva website, "Q & A from Jerusalem". In these short clips, people from around the world submit their questions about Israel, the Middle East or Judaism, and Ari & Jeremy respond with a captivating, and often whimsical, barrage of humor, insight, and a smattering of videos and visuals which are often as hysterical as they are unexpected. Gimpel explains, "Our hope is to create an online community of lovers of Israel who learn together and share together. We want to engage the viewer and challenge many of their preconceived notions and stereotypes. If we can change one heart to see Israel in a new way, it's all worth it."

This week's video was inspired by Nancy from Kansas. She asked, "What is the purpose of the commandments in the Torah?"

Ari and Jeremy encourage all the viewers to submit their questions or thoughts in either written and video form to: