Israel Repatriates Dead Lebanese Woman

Israel released the body of a Lebanese women murdered by her husband 10 days ago to IRC officials to return to Lebanon.

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Israel on Thursday released the body of the Lebanese woman killed more than 10 days ago to the International Red Cross so that she could be interred in her native country.

The body of the 50-year-old woman, identified as Rosaline Jebran, was transferred by IRC personnel to a police station in the southern Lebanese town of Alma Shab to be prepared for autopsy.

After the autopsy, the body is expected to be transferred to her hometown in Rashaya al-Fakhar in western Bekaa, where the family is set to receive the body.

Security sources told The Daily Star that Jebran was killed by her husband, with whom she moved to Israel some 11 years ago.

It is unclear under what circumstances Jebran and her husband immigrated to the Jewish state.