'Just Send Infiltrators Back to their Countries'

Our Land of Israel activist Avi Komash tells Arutz Sheva: The infiltrators law is unnecessary. Just send the Sudanese back to Sudan.

Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski,

Infiltrators (archive)
Infiltrators (archive)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The “Infiltrators Law”, which was approved by the Knesset on Monday, allows for the arrest and detention of illegal infiltrators for a period of three years without a trial. It also includes a provision that permits imposing a life sentence on any infiltrator convicted of property related crimes. Another provision in the law allows for punishment of five to 15 years for anyone convicted of helping infiltrators.

While the law has largely been applauded by the right and condemned by the left, Avi Komash, a social activist for the nationalist Our Land of Israel movement, said the law may not necessarily be such a good idea.

“I think the law is like treating cancer with Tylenol,” Komash, who is active in Tel Aviv, where infiltrators have largely taken over the central bus station, said.

“Putting the illegal infiltrators in detention for three years, building facilities, investing so much money for 10,000 infiltrators or 5,000 – that’s just not the solution,” he added. “What will they do with the remaining 40,000?”

According to Komash, the solution is even simpler than what the new law states.

“I think we simply need to send them back to their country,” he said. “The left simply defends them because most of them are Muslims, Christians and the left wants a state of all its citizens. But there’s no connection here. They’re not refugees, they’re infiltrators. They say themselves that they’re looking for a job here. It’s a simple solution: Sudanese to Sudan, Zionists to Zion.”

Komash added, “When they want to expel, they know how to do it. Look what happened in Gush Katif. When they wanted to expel people they did it. The State is simply scared. I don’t know what their reasoning is. Maybe they’re afraid of the media, or from the left which is three percent of the State but is very loud right now. I don’t have many expectations of the State anymore, but it needs to take care of its citizens. Just send the illegal infiltrators back to their country. We have one State. This is the Jewish State. It’s not the Sudanese state.”