Police May Have Illegally Destroyed Outpost

Police destroyed another outpost Tuesday for the second day in a row, but this time the destruction may have been illegal.<br/>

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

Givat Aryeh demolition six weeks ago
Givat Aryeh demolition six weeks ago
Israel news photo: Shomron Regional Council

Police destroyed the Givat Aryeh outpost neighborhood built in memory of the murdered Fogel family, but the destruction’s legality is being questioned by the nationalist Regavim organization.

It was the second time in six weeks that the neighborhood was destroyed by police and was the second demolition in Samaria in two days. Police torn down the Gal Yosef outpost Monday morning.

Two families and five single people have been living on Givat Aryeh, and residents suspect that the police targeted them as a part of “price tag” revenge after a Jerusalem court last week freed suspects, including one local resident, in “price tag” actions in response to demolitions of Jewish homes.

Regavim said that Tuesday morning’s destruction included tearing down greenhouses, which it said may not need a permit to be built, especially since the area is zoned for agriculture.