Regavim Launches New International Department

Regavim's new international department will help spread its Jewish Zionist agenda to the English speaking public around the world.

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Elad Benari,

Regavim map of Israel
Regavim map of Israel

The Regavim Movement, Israel’s social movement for preserving Israel’s State Land and national properties, has announced the establishment of a new international department to help spread its Jewish Zionist agenda to the English speaking public around the world.

The new department will be directed by Ra’anana resident Ari Briggs, who will assume the position of the International Department’s Director effective immediately.

“I look forward to the opportunity of explaining to friends of Israel everywhere the realities of the situation here in Israel in regard to the illegal takeover of State Lands,” said Briggs. “People are unaware of the serious problems Israel is facing due to the illegal building by the Bedouin in the South and other Arab groups in the North, which damages the fabric of our society. Where rocket and terrorist attacks have failed this silent conquest of our state lands is accelerating and at an unprecedented pace and the government as with all previous governments is not doing enough to halt it.” 

The Regavim Movement is a social movement established to promote a Jewish Zionist agenda for the State of Israel. The movement believes that this issue is so important, complex and widespread that, as such, only the state holds the key to a realistic overall solution to rooting out this problem.

Based on this assumption, Regavim’s activities are directed at influencing all the State of Israel’s government systems in order to bring them, and effectively the whole country, to act based on the fundamental principles of Zionism and protect Israel’s lands and national properties.

The movement is involved in gathering data and conducting field surveys, documenting and recording the status of land all over Israel; constantly checking the actions of the state authorities in dealing with this issue; talking legal action against the building and environment violators; drafting implementable recommendations and solutions and promoting them to Israeli decision makers; producing and publishing public reports; and conducting parliamentary and international advocacy to promote the national interests of the State of Israel.

The establishment of an international department comes in response to Israeli organizations backed by foreign NGOs skewing the narrative in favor of anti-Israel elements.

Regavim Director Bezalel Smotritz said that the establishment of an international department at this time is extremely important.

“We understand how meaningful the influence of our friends abroad can be towards policy in Israel and we are reaching out to them to help them understand and spread our Zionist message – namely that our heritage must be safeguarded,” he said.

Regavim has just launched a website in English and the organization plans to establish a social media presence in English on all the major social media sites. The organization also plans to offer organized tours for English speakers from Israel as well as tourists arriving from abroad so that they can get a better understanding of the issues firsthand.  In addition, Regavim plans on working with all of the Israel-based Hasbara organizations in order to get them the facts about State-Lands.