Romney Polling Far Ahead in Florida

Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney currently enjoys a 12 point lead in a key Florida poll.

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Gabe Kahn.,

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney
Israel news photo: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney has a wide lead over his fellow Republicans among primary voters in Florida.

Romney's double-digit lead in the Quinnipiac University poll bodes well for him in the Sunshine State - giving him a 12 point lead over his nearest rival Newt Gingrich.

But the assistant director of the university's polling institute says those numbers aren't a lock and that January 31, the date of Florida's GOP primary, isn't here yet.

“With more than half of voters saying they might change their minds and more than 50% of them backing candidates perceived as more conservative, Romney could be vulnerable if those voters settle on one candidate,” said Peter Brown.

Romney, Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry will compete in New Hampshire on Tuesday and in South Carolina on Jan. 21 before facing off in Florida.

Fifty-four percent of likely GOP primary voters are undecided. At present candidates are polling at Romney: 36% Gingrich: 24% Santorum: 16% Paul: 10% Perry: 5% Huntsman: 1%.

Romney, the odds on favorite according to most pundits, has also enjoyed a wide lead over his competitors in raising funds, as well.