The 'Just in Case' Cell Radiation Cure

Cell tower radiation may or may not cause cancer - but with Wave Guard defending your town, you'll never have to worry about that question.

TechIsrael Staff,


As one of the most “in-touch” countries in the world, Israel is also one of the “hottest” - in terms of radiation generated by cellphones and cell network antennas.

Does cellphone use really cause cancer? The jury is still out on that question, although there are advocates on both sides who point to studies proving, or disproving, that extended exposure to the radiation generated by the cell network – and by cellphones themselves, which are generally carried on the body and used next to the head – cause cancer. Sticking an electronic device that transmits and receives radio waves certainly sounds cancer-inducing, but believe it or not, the largest study undertaken so far of the link between cellphone use and cancer – the World Health Organization's Interphone study – found not only that there was no clear connection between the two, but that in some cases, cellphone use was associated with a lower rate of brain cancer!

Still – why take chances? It stands to reason that bombarding the head with anything – especially radiation – will eventually be proven damaging, and that's why many people around the world, especially in Israel, try to prevent, if not the use of cellphones, then at least the erection of cell towers in residential neighborhoods. Kfar Sava, an Israeli town in the Sharon area, takes its environmental concerns very seriously (a municipal by-law requires that there be a park or green space on every square block) – and had now become the first city in Israel, and indeed in the world, to implement a system for constant monitoring of cellphone radiation.

That system was designed by an Israeli company called Wave Guard, which has created a software-based monitoring, management and control system to keep track of radiation levels from cell antennas. When cell radiation goes above permitted levels, Wave Guard will sound an alarm – and municipal officials can get after the service provider to whom the tower belongs and require them to limit communications from the tower – or face a fine. The system remains active 24/7, and since the data on radiation comes directly from the radio switches of the cellular carriers it is indisputably accurate.

According to the company, cell tower radiation is akin to “passive smoking” - you get a whiff (or a hit of radiation) whether you want it or not. Many towers are built illegally, the company says, and you may be situated next to one, even if you don't think you are. Now, with Wave Guard, Kfar Sava residents, as well as residents of other towns and cities that are poised to install the system, will know exactly who is bombarding them with cell radiation, and how much radiation they are being subjected to – allowing municipal officials to do something about it.

"I'm proud to be the first mayor in the country and the world to buy the system and integrate it in the city," said Kfar Saba Mayor Yehuda Ben Hemo. "Enforcement of the regulations with respect to cellular antennas in general and enforcement of limitations on cellular radiation, affects both the safety and the well-being of residents in particular, and is therefore high on the public agenda of the municipality." Added Ben Hamo. "Now, with the acquisition of world's most advanced system in this area, any resident of Kfar Saba can be sure that the municipality invests most cutting-edge resources in maintaining the city and family health."