Israeli Media Critics Could Net $5,000 Prize

For the 12th year, IMW will give out a $5,000 prize to critics of the agenda-driven Israeli media.

David Lev,

Arutz Sheva studio in Beit El
Arutz Sheva studio in Beit El
Israel news photo

For the twelfth straight year, the Israel Media Watch organization will be giving the consumers of media – the public – the opportunity to choose the personality or entity that contributed the most to keeping the media honest, via critical analysis and straight presentation of often-obfuscated issues that the media presents. Winners of the Abramowitz Media Award will receive $5,000.

IMW said that the award was an important one, for the media and the public, providing media consumers with a way to show the producers of news and opinions their approval of good, honest journalism – and their disapproval of the agenda-driven opinion stories that masquerade as “news” that the critical pieces nominated for the prize discuss. The panel overseeing the contest consists of important personalities, including former ambassador and IMW President Dr. Meir Rosen, the poet Erek Biton, former ambassador Zalman Shoval, Dalia Zelikovitz, Dr. Mor Altschuler, IDF Reserve General Oren Shachor, and Professor Eli Pollack, chairman of the IMW.

Nominated for the prize were senior members of the Israeli media who have had a long history of pointing out flaws in the media in Israeli newspapers, on television and radio, and on the internet.

Among those nominated for the prize are Dr. Dror Idar, a columnist for Yisrael HaYom and Makor Rishon, a relentless critic of media improprieties, whom the IMW panel said provides a “fresh voice” in media criticism. Also nominated is Mati Golan, a well-known media personality, who won the prize previously, in 2000. Another candidate is Ben Dror-Yemini, who previously won the prize in 2003, and who, since the early 1990s, has used his column in Ma'ariv and on the NRG news site to slam excesses of the media.

Also nominated is Arutz Sheva's own Rabbanit Shulamit Melamed, a veteran educator, mother of  seven, and director of operations at Arutz Sheva, who supervises the vast Arutz Sheva media operation – on the internet, and in the weekly B'Sheva newspaper – from headquarters in Beit El.

With the help of her husband, Rabbi Zalman Melamed, Rabbanit Melamed has made it her mission to give the “other side” of the news, which is presented in the general Israeli media from a largely leftist viewpoint.

The public is invited to vote for their preferred candidate at the IMW site. Voting will take place between January 5 and 22, and the award will be presented on February 26.