Trust These People for Better Cellphone Sound

If you can hear anything on your cellphone today, you probably have Israel's Vyycore to thank for it.

TechIsrael Staff,


If you can hear anything on your cellphone today, you probably have Israel's Vyycore to thank for it. What appears to be a straightforward operation – dialing a number and having a conversation – is far more complicated, at least on a cellphone. A major problem, it turns out, is inefficient use of power amplifiers (and hence batteries) in many cellphones because of crowded bandwidth and other conditions. It's one of the main reasons, in fact, that battery life on so many cellphones is so lousy.

Indeed, there is a great deal going on behind the scenes when you use a cellphone to speak or to access the internet – and it's all very complicated. How do we know? Just look at some of the terms involved, representing things cellphone designers, manufacturers, and service providers have to take into consideration: Open- and Closed-Loop Predistortion, EVM, ACLR, Nyquist sampling rate, TDD Mode, FPGA, Memory Effect, Volterra series linearizer schemes – the list goes on, and the mind reels. It's not quite rocket science, but almost!

Bottom line – this is a complicated businesses, and those in the know have to do a great deal of engineering work in order to overcome power problems and sound strength and distortion. Vyycore, with an R&D facility in Tel Aviv, makes solutions for just these problems; the company has devised a series of predistorter codes for cellphones which makes it easier to manage power on phones, strengthening the capabilities of the amplifier and extending battery life. Vyccore is one of those companies that you never heard of, but whose presence makes all the difference.

And if we consumers don't – or maybe can't – appreciate the technological feats of Vyycore, industry insiders can. And they do, awarding Vyytech with a series of top awards for its technology – awards including the Mobitech East Coast and West Coast Awards, The Telecom Council's SPIFFY “Ground Breaker Award for Engineering Excellence,” the New England Venture Summit 2011 - Technology Sector Award, the MobiTechFest Americas 2011 Event Award, and others.

For the latter, awarded to Vyycore just a few weeks ago, the company netted a $50,000 prize. “I was proud to present Vyycore at the MobiTechFest to the Venture Capital community and received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from investors in this event” said Dov Sverdlov, CEO of Vyycore. “We hope to see more and more clients choosing Vyycore’s family of products, the most effective way towards a high efficiency mobile hand set that performs multi-mode 3G/LTE/WiFi”, Sverdlov added.