Lighting Up Tel Aviv with Hanukkah Lights

Volunteers lit over 200 hanukkiyot on Tel Aviv's busy Ibn Gvirol Street.

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Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski,

Tel Aviv lights candles
Tel Aviv lights candles
Israel news photo: Archive

Once again this year, members of the Ofek community in the Heichal Moshe synagogue in Tel Aviv celebrated the holiday of Hanukkah by lighting hanukkiyot in shops along Ibn Gvirol Street.

Last year, more than 75 businesses on one of the busiest streets in Tel Aviv took part in the special project. This year the project achieved even greater success, and approximately 200 businesses participated. Dozens of volunteers lit the hanukkiyot simultaneously in all 200 shops, causing the street to light up with the beautiful lights of Hanukkah.

The project also expanded to Sheinkin Street, another one of Tel Aviv’s busy streets, where an additional 150 businesses took part.

“People were very pleased to light the candles,” Moshe Shendelwich, one of the volunteers who helped light the hanukkiyot, told Arutz Sheva. “We found that the thirst for religion and good, authentic Judaism is very great and people were very happy to take part.”

Ezra Laufer, another volunteer, noted that most of the store owners were surprised but very happy to take part in the project. He added that the main message of the project is to show that Jews are united, regardless of whether they are secular or religious.

“The main message would be spreading the light and showing that we’re all one, united nation with one purpose,” he said. “Even though we’re all different people, we all have something that unites us – one common cause. When we get out these hanukkiyot we show that we’re not above anyone. We’re on the same level and we want to share the joy.”