Itamar Youth, IDF Soldiers Light Candles Together

Youth from of Itamar hold torchlight march, Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony with IDF soldiers.

Elad Benari ,

Itamar Sign
Itamar Sign
Arutz 7

Youth from the Shomron community of Itamar held a torchlight march with the IDF’s Shomron Brigade on Sunday. The march concluded with a joint Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony.

Itamar’s youth coordinator, Pinchas Michaeli, told Arutz Sheva that the event was meant to bring together Itamar’s youth and other residents of the community to the soldiers serving in the area.

Michaeli added that the connection between IDF soldiers and young residents of Judea and Samaria is ongoing.

“We are with the soldiers throughout the year,” he said. “They watch over us and we give them a warm home all year round. Our relationship with the soldiers cannot be severed.”

Michaeli condemned the recent ‘price tag’ incident in which dozens of youths from Judea and Samaria entered the Ephraim brigade base in Samaria and clashed with soldiers.

“These acts certainly did not come from our youth,” he said. “There is no one among us who sees the army as an enemy,” he added, saying he is personally acquainted with the local youths and that he knows none of them would ever carry out such acts.

The march passed next to the Arab village of Awarta which is near Itamar and from which the two terrorists who killed five members of the Fogel family last March had come. Michaeli said that having the march passed by this village is further evidence of the power of the youth and the soldiers, as well as of the strength of their connection.