MK Bielski: I'll be An 'Emissary' of Ulpana's Residents

MK Ze'ev Bielski visits the Ulpana neighborhood in Beit El. "People who live here will not lose their homes."

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MKs Bielski and Ketzaleh
MKs Bielski and Ketzaleh
Israel news photo: Yishai Karov

MK Ze’ev Bielski (Kadima) visited on Thursday the Ulpana neighborhood in Beit El, which is under the threat of demolition.

Bileski came as a guest of MK Yaakov “Ketzaleh” Katz (National Union), and his visit was part of Katz’s initiative to host members of the government in communities slated for demolition.

During the visit, Katz and the neighborhood’s residents told Bielski about their homes, the intention to demolish them and their efforts to prevent the destruction.

Bielski promised the residents that he would be their “emissary” and will work to prevent the demolition.

“We need to find the common sense and the good people who will find a way to solve this issue, and I believe a solution will be found,” he said. “People who have built a home here – their home will remain.”