Hamas Warns of ‘Price Tag’ Intifada

Senior Hamas official warns: A new intifada could start if "the occupation" continues to desecrate our mosques.

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'Price Tag' vandalism (illustrative)
'Price Tag' vandalism (illustrative)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

A senior Hamas official has warned that a new Arab intifada could start due to the recent torching of mosques in Judea and Samaria.

The terror group on Thursday condemned the arsons and called on the “Palestinian people” to act as one against the “Zionist attacks.”

Hamas also called on the Arab League and on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to act urgently to protect mosques and other Islamic holy places against the “crimes of the Zionists and their settlers.”

The group didn’t stop there, however, and one of its officials, Hamed Bitawi, blamed Israel’s government for the attacks.

“Since they polluted the soil of Palestine in 1948 and until today, the Zionists have vented their rage on the mosques,” Bitawi said.

He added that the both first and second intifadas began over mosques and warned that a third intifada may also begin because of the desecration of mosques.

Bitawi also accused the Palestinian Authority and said the entity was responsible for the situation because it gives in to Israel and demands that Islamic preachers refrain from incitement against “the occupation.”

He claimed that the tens of thousands of Palestinian Authority security forces are busy defending Israeli security instead of protecting the mosques.

On Thursday, Palestinian Authority Arab in the village of Burwa, northwest of Shechem, reported that a mosque was set ablaze in their village, blaming “price tag vandals” for the alleged attack. Furniture and carpets in the structure were smoking and damaged from the fire, according to PA sources.

The villagers later attacked Israeli police officers who came to investigate the alleged attack.

Police also suspect arsonists attacked an unused mosque on Strauss Street in downtown Jerusalem in the wee hours of the morning earlier this week. Slogans against Muslims and the words "price tag" were spray-painted on the walls.

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