Route 60 Repairs Completed

Minister Israel Katz inaugurated the newly repaired Route 60 saying it is "where our ancient mothers and fathers walked."

Gabe Kahn.,

Minister Katz, et al
Minister Katz, et al
Flash 90

Minister of Transportation and Road Safety Israel Katz inaugurated the completion of extensive road work on Route 60 between Hevron and the Tapuach Junction.

The road, which serves as the main thoroughfare in Judea and Samaria, has undergone extensive restoration due to deterioration due to years of neglect that resulted in poor road safety reports and mounting accident statistics.

The project was carried out by the National Roads Authority, and he included a series of upgrades, pavement rehabilitation, removing handling hazards, and re-stratification of asphalt routes.

"Route 60, known to many as a watershed, is a major lifeline to residents of Judea and Samaria," Katz told reporters. "Route 60 the path of our biblical patriarchs. We sustain it where our ancient mothers and fathers walked. Residence and settlement here in the heart of our highlands is the pinnacle of Zionist determination."

Katz added, "Route 60 also strengthens inter-relationship between the Negev, Galilee and Central Israel. We are proud to lead the revolution of the infrastructure that will change the face of Israel in the coming years - and will improve the chances of every citizen to equal employment opportunities and quality of life."

Head of the Binyamin Regional Council, Avi Roeh, said, "Route 60 has suffered years of criminal neglect that led to the deaths of dozens of people. Minister Katz took the initiative and rebuilt the road which suffered serious safety deficiencies and I welcome that."

National Roads Company CEO Shai Baras noted the work required a complete overhaul of of 39 miles of roadway at a cost of NIS 40 million.

"The project was carried out thoroughly," Baras said. "We repaired cracks and potholes, repaved long sections of road, and removed hazards. In addition to painting and signage, we installed cat's eyes and other visibility enhancing devices to improve safety. Special attention was devoted to working at night so as to keep the road fully open during the day and reduce inconveniences to drivers."