Fire Victim's 'Goodness and Kindness Were Beyond Bounds'

Rabbi Ariel Moreh of the Mitzpe Jericho Yeshiva says fire victim Oded Hamdi, 19, was an exemplary human being.

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Oded Hamdi, OBM
Oded Hamdi, OBM
Mitzpe Jericho Yeshiva

Rabbi Ariel Moreh of the Me'or Tuvia yeshiva in Mitzpe Jericho told Arutz Sheva about the deep loss the yeshiva feels at having lost Oded Hamdi in a fire shortly after midnight on Friday.

"This morning we were told the terrible news that Oded Hamdi died in his trailer fire," Moreh related. "I was privileged to be his teacher for two years."

Hamdi's "goodness and his kindness were beyond all bounds - he always responded to any request willingly, cheerfully and happily," Rabbi Moreh said.

"There was also his ability to think and plan and make things happen. He did everything he could to ensure every event and activity at the yeshiva went well and was for the best," the rabbi added.

Rabbi Moreh said Hamdi's conduct during the fire exemplified his fine character. "He stayed and woke up his two friends in the trailer, but did not manage to escape himself.  This was Oded: his kindness and big heart saved his friends. May his memory be blessed."

Oded Hamdi, 19, was killed when a heater reportedly overturned in the caravan he and his classmates were sleeping in. Hamdi awoke and warned his friends, but was unable to escape himself.

His friends, realizing he was not with them, re-entered the burning caravan and dragged Hamdi out, but he had already sustained burns over most of his body and lost consciousness.

Hamdi was evacuated to Hadassah hospital in Ein Kerem where he was anesthetized and put on a respirator. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Hamdi will be buried in his home town of Netanya at 1PM on Friday.