Likud Minister admits Party Strayed from Platform

Limor Livnat says platform "is truly old and was updated many years ago," however.

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Gil Ronen,

Minister Limor Livnat
Minister Limor Livnat
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Minister Limor Livnat (Likud) admitted Thursday that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's diplomatic moves – which she supports – are inconsistent with the Likud's platform. 

In an interview with the My Israel movement, marking the grassroots nationalist movement's 70,000th member on Facebook, Livnat said: "The Likud platform does not include these things."

She added, however. "We are talking about a truly old platform that was updated many years ago."

She also stated: "I believe with all my heart in 'the complete Land of Israel' and that one day it will indeed happen, but at this moment we need to see how we can get the most that can be obtained, carefully,  and taking into consideration the present circumstances."

Livnat was also asked about the media's criticism of a bill that would raise the minimum fine for libel – a bill that journalists say is meant to stifle them.

"The entire media has enlisted to create an atmosphere here, as if the Likud government under Prime Minister Netanyahu, the 'dictator' as they call him, wants to stifle people, but there is no greater lie than that. If anyone is being stifled it is the Likud, the right wing and the prime minister – not the left wing. On the contrary – it controls the press."