New Idea: a 'Religious Zionist Knesset Lobby'

Fourteen religious Zionist MKs find a way to unite without party unification.

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Gil Ronen,

MK Orlev
MK Orlev
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If you can't join them, make a lobby out of them. That appears to be the thinking behind a new initiative by MK Zevulun Orlev (Jewish Home) who wants to establish the Religious Zionist Knesset Lobby. 

A Knesset lobby serves as a way of organizing Knesset members around a cause, but carries no real significance in parliamentary activity. 

Orlev's initiative was joined by MK Zion Pinion (Likud).

Orlev sent a letter to 14 religious Zionist ministers and MKs and to the heads of about 80 organizations, who are invited to the lobby's first convention.

"The Lobby will deal with all matters and subjects pertaining to religious Zionism, such as: the country's identity and character, education to Judaism and Zionism, religion and State, religious services, settlement throughout the Land of Israel, and care for religious Zionism and its institutions," he wrote.

According to Orlev, the 14 religious MKs and ministers are distributed among seven different parties, and they do not coordinate their actions or hold joint activities. The Lobby will change that situation and help them operate in a more coordinated fashion. 

The Lobby's first convention is scheduled for Tuesday, December 6, at the Knesset.