Nationalists Protest at Infiltrator Hall, Tel Aviv

Nationalists led by MK Ben-Ari and Baruch Marzel visit an illegal wedding hall which serves infiltrators: We'll fight using all the means.

Elad Benari,

Ben Ari & Sudanese
Ben Ari & Sudanese
Israel news photo

Neighborhood Watch, a group of nationalists headed by MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) and the chairman of the Our Land of Israel movement, Baruch Marzel, visited this week a reception hall in southern Tel Aviv which serves the illegal infiltrators who enter Israel.

Ben-Ari and Marzel, who came to protest inside the hall after receiving complaints about it from local residents, said that the hall operates without a business license.

Ben-Ari, who described the hall as “one of the expressions of the takeover by the infiltrators of southern Tel Aviv,” said that despite the loud noise and the alcohol which disturb the neighbors the city of Tel Aviv does nothing to shut the place down.

“We’ve decided to give Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai the title of Destroyer of the City of Tel Aviv,” he said, promising that Neighborhood Watch will “act using all the means – legal and otherwise – so that this place is shut down and that there’s not a single illegal infiltrator here.”

The protesters, who entered the hall waving signs against illegal infiltrators, were eventually removed by police. They continued to protest outside.

Israel has long had problems with infiltrators from Africa who enter through the non-hermetically sealed border with Egypt, some falsely claiming refugee status although that is not the case. Many of them end up residing in the central bus station in Tel Aviv. The area looks surrealistically like an African country, in terms of population, stores and atmosphere.

A recent report found that an estimated 2,000 people managed to sneak through into Israel during August alone.

Work has begun in the past year on construction of a fence along the Israel-Egypt border. The fence, which will stretch over 150 km, will be fitted with cameras and other technological devices that will make it possible to locate infiltrators.

Minister of Strategic Affairs Moshe Ya'alon recently warned that the problem Israel has with infiltrators is “undoubtedly a social, national, and security time bomb which must be dealt with most urgently.”