Govt Radio Used for Far-Left Views

A host on government-sponsored radio uses his time to call for the destruction of Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria.

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Maayana Miskin,

Yaron Dekel
Yaron Dekel
Broadcast Authority

A radio host from the political left has aroused anger by using his time on public airwaves to call for the demolition of Israeli homes. Host Yaron Dekel pushed for the destruction of several Judea and Samaria neighborhoods.

During the “Hakol Diburim” program, Dekel addressed the Prime Minister, “Yesterday you explicitly said, ‘We will defend both the settlements and the law.’ In the Likud party meeting you said the primary effort must be to strengthen settlements without violating the law.”

He continued, “This is an important test, Mr. Prime Minister. Because there are those in the coalition who do not think like you, who are already threatening that if you uphold the law, they will topple you. Because obeying the law means demolishing outposts… that are illegal.”

Demolishing homes “in which people have been living for quite some time” is a test, he continued. “If you do not back down… you will find that most of the Israeli public is behind you,” he concluded.

While Dekel called to “uphold the law,” the fate of the communities has not yet been decided. The government has yet to submit its arguments in a court case on the matter, and could still decide to legalize the neighborhoods. Arab claims to the areas in dispute have in fact been withdrawn, making the matter considerably easier.

Dekel is not the first to use public airwaves to push a political position. IDF Army Radio (Galei Tzahal) has long been accused of doing the same, as have popular TV news stations.