Qassam Fired at Shaar HaNegev

Gaza terrorists fired a Qassam rocket into southern Israel on Tuesday - no physical injuries were reported.

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Qassam Clean Up
Qassam Clean Up
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Terrorists in Gaza launched a Qassam rocket at the Shaar HaNegev region, a district with a population of 6000 located in southern Israel between Beer Sheba and Ashkelon, shortly after six on Tuesday evening.

The "color red" alarm system was activated during the attack.

The rocket reportedly exploded in an open field. No physical injuries or property damage resulted.

Earlier on Tuesday it was reported Israel would extend its anti-rocket coverage from communities within 7 kilometers of Gaza to 15 kilometers.

The expanded coverage is intended to protect communities in the Eshkol and Netivot region that have come under increasing rocket fire as terrorists expand their rockets' effective ranges.

The decision to extend the protection zone was reportedly taken in response to pressure from Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin who has submitted numerous inquiries to security officials regarding how they intend to protect Israel's south.