'Slaves' of HOT, Yes Can Go Free Tuesday

Fines for leaving cable TV firm HOT and satellite TV firm Yes reduced as of tomorrow, enabling clients to walk away more easily.

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Gil Ronen,

Minister Cachlon
Minister Cachlon
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Fines levied from clients who wish to leave cable television firm HOT and satellite TV provider Yes will be lower as of Tuesday.

In addition, the firms will no longer be allowed to bind their clients for any period of time and any client who joined their services from August 2011 onward will be able to disconnect without paying an exit fine.

According to a law initiated by Communications Minister Moshe Kahlon and ratified three months ago, clients who signed contracts with a time commitment before August 2011 will pay a reduced fine for leaving the firms. The fine will be calculated by taking the number of months remaining in the period they committed to, multiplying by the average monthly usage fee and then taking 8 percent of that product.

Clients who received equipment like a converter box and committed to paying for it in instalments can continue paying for it this way, and not have to pay the entire remaining debt at the moment of disconnecting from the service.