Video: PM Netanyahu Confronted by Wife of Jewish Prisoner

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu confronted by angry wife of a jailed Border Police officer, demanding her husband be released.

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Elad Benari & Hezki Baruch,

Elinor Butvika confronts Netanyahu
Elinor Butvika confronts Netanyahu
Israel news photo: Hezki Ezra

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was confronted in the Knesset on Wednesday by an angry wife of a jailed Border Police officer.

The officer, Shahar Butbika, was sentenced to eight years in prison for killing a Palestinian Authority Arab in Hevron in 2002. His family has said that he did it due to post traumatic stress after his friends were murdered and he was sent to clear the body parts.

His wife, Elinor, was in the Knesset on Wednesday and was in the midst of giving an interview to Arutz Sheva when she spotted the Prime Minister and his entourage leaving his office. Butbika hurried toward Netanyahu, came right up to him and called out: “Mr. Prime Minister, you released terrorists. I also want my husband home.”

She was referring to the recent deal Israel signed with Hamas to release 1,027 terrorists in exchange for abducted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Netanyahu’s security guards tried to push Butbika away, but she refused to back away. Netanyahu himself did not respond to her and continued on to his next meeting. Butbika was taken to Netanyahu’s office, where she spoke to his staff about her plight.

Since the Shalit deal was announced, there have been calls for the government to release Jewish prisoners who are being held in prison for killing Arabs. Several protests to that effect have taken place outside the home of Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman in recent weeks.

In light of the release of terrorists in exchange for Shalit, the Honenu legal aid organization has been working to get 11 Jewish security prisoners released.