Kadima Attacks PA Sanctions: Israel is Isolating Itself

Kadima attacks Prime Minister Netanyahu for the decision to sanction the PA, says he is causing Israel to be isolated.

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Elad Benari,

Kadima members
Kadima members
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Kadima party slammed on Tuesday Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s decision to sanction the Palestinian Authority over its acceptance to UNESCO as a full member state.

In a meeting earlier on Tuesday between Netanyahu and his eight senior ministers, it was decided that Israel would halt the transfer of funds under extant agreements to the PA, and accelerate housing construction in Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, and Maale Adumim.

Under the measure, some 2,000 new housing units would be approved and construction - all in neighborhoods the Netanyahu government has insisted would remain in Israeli hands under any future final status agreement.

In response, Kadima said that “Israel is isolating itself rather than mobilizing the world to support its goals.”

“While the Palestinians are making achievements in the world, Israel in response is distancing itself from the world and responding to the PA’s political failure with political foolishness,” the party said in a statement. “Instead of trying to persuade the world that Israel is right, the Netanyahu government is providing the Palestinians with more tools to fight Israel.”

The statement added, “In his actions, Netanyahu turns issues over which there is a consensus into controversial issues between Israel and the world.”

“Instead of negotiating to keep the ‘settlement blocs’ forever,” Kadima claimed, “Netanyahu uses them cynically to justify the lack of negotiations. This is no way to keep Israelis in their homes. Such conduct endangers Israel’s national interests.”