Warning Poster for Released Terrorists

A poster warns Jerusalemites to look out for terrorists who were released in Shalit deal.

Gil Ronen ,

Warning poster
Warning poster
Capital Guard

A new volunteer force called the "Capital Guard" has begun taking steps against the terrorists released into Jerusalem in the Gilad Shalit deal.

The Guard was formed by prominent Jerusalem activist Aryeh King. As a first measure, a poster (below) is being distributed with the pictures of terrorists who have been allowed to return to the homes in eastern Jerusalem. 

"Out of grave concern for the security of Jerusalem's residents, in view of the danger of immediate harm to Jews throughout the city, the Capital Guard offers this warning regarding the terrorists whose pictures appear here, who are roaming freely in the city."

"Dear Jew! If you see one of the terrorists in a crowded place, it is important that you notify those surrounding you whom they are next to!!"

The poster also adds a request – "Dear citizen, please act only in accordance with the law."

The poster will soon be joined by another one, showing the locations of the terrorists' homes. 

King told Arutz Sheva before Shalit's release was implemented that the Capital Guard will follow the terrorists about and document their activities. "If they board the light train we will announce on a megaphone that there is a terrorist on board," King explained.

"All activity will be accompanied by a lawyer," he said, and volunteers will be mature people "who will know how to deal with the complex situation without creating friction with Arab populace or arousing an unnecessary or dangerous commotion."


Capital Guard warning poster Aryeh King