Pot Shots at Livni from within Kadima over Shalit

Kadima website suggests Livni should have voiced criticism of Shalit deal when it was still on the table.

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Gil Ronen,

MK Tzipi Livni
MK Tzipi Livni
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Kadima chairwoman Tzipi Livni has come under fire within her own party for her criticism of the Shalit deal – and especially for its timing.

The editor of Yalla Kadima, an unofficial Kadima website geared toward the party's supporters, attacks the party boss for the Friday Yediot Aharonot interview in which she said the deal strengthened Hamas and weakened Israel.

"It is too bad that the party leader's position against the deal of surrender to Hamas is only published now, when the deal is already under way," the editorial says. Livni's criticism of the government is "too little, too late and unbecoming for a person who claims to be able to lead Israel."

The website goes on to say that Livni's basic position on Shalit is better than that of her main rival in Kadima, Shaul Mofaz, who supported a massive terrorist release.

However, it explains, "voicing criticism of the deal a few days after its completion is not an honorable thing and it is no wonder that it prompts the Likud people to attack Livni from the gut."