No Final Decision on UN Route, Says PA Observer

PA's permanent observer to the United Nations says that no final decision has been made on the unilateral statehood bid.

Elad Benari,

Riyad Mansour
Riyad Mansour
UN Multimedia

The Palestinian Authority’s permanent observer to the United Nations said Thursday that PA leadership has not yet decided whether to seek full membership of the United Nations next week, AFP reported.

Observer Riyad Mansour was quoted as having told reporters that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and other leaders will make a final decision based on talks with U.S., European Union, Russian and other international envoys.

Mansour said, “We will take all these issues for further discussion and deliberations by the Palestinian leadership and a final decision will be taken in the next few days as to which path we will follow.”

“There are many words from many places but what I am telling you is that we are deliberating these details and it is not yet finalized,” he added. “And once it is finalized it will be announced. What is really clear is that we have the right to join the community of nations as a full member.”

Mansour said, “We are fine tuning our options and we will make the final decision soonAfter we decide that, we jump immediately into the technicalities of how it could be done and how it could be done in the fastest possible way.”

AFP noted that while Abbas is to speak to the UN General Assembly on September 23, the date which on Thursday was announced as the date on which the PA will submit its unilateral statehood bid, no meeting between Abbas and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has yet been confirmed.

The PA bid for statehood has been met with criticism, especially by Israel and the United States, which has announced that it would veto any declaration of a Palestinian state.

Congressional Republicans and Democrats have warned that American aid to the PA is in jeopardy over the push for statehood at the United Nations. The House of Representatives has already voted 407-6 to pass a non-binding resolution backing the suspension of funds to the PA should it pursue its bid for a unilateral declaration of statehood.

The resolution came a week after the U.S. Senate unanimously approved a similar resolution.