MK Praises Turkish Stand

For MK Ibrahim Sarsoor, the Palmer report is an opportunity to curse the IDF and incite the Arab world to fight Israel.

Gil Ronen,

MK Sarsoor
MK Sarsoor
Flash 90

MK Ibrahim Sarsoor, chairman of the Raam Taal faction, published praise on Friday for Turkey's belligerent stance toward Israel following the Palmer report on the 2010 Gaza flotilla incident.

"Autopsies of the bodies of those killed proved that they had come under massive fire from the Israeli commandos, who fired at their backs and abdominal areas" he wrote. "This means [that they committed] cold blooded murder of civilians who did not pose a threat to the Israeli soldiers."

Sarsoor went on to say that "Israel's ongoing attempts to evade Turkish demands, through its suggestion to merely express regret for killing Turkish civilians, is not helpful in light of the Turkish position that is unwilling to accept bargaining at the expense of the Turkish nation and the [Muslim] Ummah."

Waxing poetic, Sarsoor said: "There is no doubt that Turkey's strong stance will be a model for future Arab positions, and so the [Muslim] Ummah shall begin to write its history anew, and so history shall return to us the taste of pride of the great Muslim historical epics."

Sarsoor went on to incite Egypt to imitate Turkey: "The Turkish leadership's stance in defense of its positions despite American attempts and mediation that served Israel, as they always do, is a lesson to the Arab leadership, and especially to the Egyptian one, after Israel recently cold bloodedly killed five Egyptian soldiers without paying any price for it."