Biblical Art Exhibit Near the Tomb of Mother Rochel

Oil paintings by the Ellen Lapidus Stern at Beit Bnei Rachel, adjacent to the Tomb of Rachel.

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Biblical Art
Biblical Art
Ellen Lapidus Stern

Beit Bnei Rachel, next to the Tomb of Rachel, is holding an exhibition of oil paintings by Ellen Lapidus Stern. The exhibition is titled "The Biblical Art Show" as all the paintings were influenced by stories and passages from the Bible.

"These paintings are the result of years of dedication not only to a Jewish life as a daughter of Jerusalem but to a lifetime of study and work at the aesthetics and culture of art," explains Stern. She was the recipient of a Danforth Fellow in Fine Arts during her graduate studies and years of teaching at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, her home town.
Upon immigrating to Israel, Ellen became a member of the Jerusalem Artists' House and has held shows at Safrai Gallery, The Museum of Ein Harod and the Ella Gallery.