Men Arrested for Vigilante Defense in Ofakim

Two men in Ofakim are accused of attacking an Arab family. They say the family had harassed local girls for years.

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Maayana Miskin,

Flash 90

Two Israeli men from Ofakim have been arrested for allegedly attacking an Arab family. Other residents of Ofakim say the family in question has carried out a campaign of harassment for the past several years.

The family is that of a Palestinian Authority Arab who cooperated with the Shin Bet, and in return, was given refuge in the city.

Neighbors told the Honenu legal defense group that young men in the family routinely harass local Jewish girls, while their elders do nothing to put an end to their behavior. Earlier this week, two men allegedly decided to take the law into their hands by throwing a firebomb into the family's yard.

The bomb did minor damage to the courtyard area.

The two suspects' remands were extended Thursday for one week. Police say one of the two has confessed to involvement in the attack, while the other insists that he is innocent.