First Updated Sufa III Jeep Delivered to IDF

An updated Sufa jeep will make IDF patrols and urban welfare easier and more efficient.

David Lev,


The IDF on Tuesday accepted delivery of the first of 500 Sufa 3 jeeps, an update of the jeep that has been in use by the Israeli army and security forces since 2006.

The light armored vehicle was designed jointly by the IDF, Chrysler, and Automotive Industries Limited (AIL) of Nazareth, and was produced by AIL. The Sufa is based on the U.S. made Jeep Wrangler, with significant changes and improvements to ensure that it can be used in patrol and urban warfare situations.

The Sufa was designed as a patrol and urban warfare vehicle, and has a narrower frame, enabling it to traverse narrow alleys in cities. When armed with a 105 mm M40 recoilless rifle, the vehicle is uniquely capable of firing directly over its blast guard equipped hood rather than in the perpendicular position required by most other vehicles. Improvements in the Sufa 3 include upgraded communications and electrical systems, a special system to keep water and sand out of the engine, night vision equipment, and other systems designed by the IDF. The Sufa 3 Can travel up to 130 kilometers per hour, carrying a driver and four passengers.

The IDF announced Tuesday that it was ready to begin accepting delivery of the jeeps after having completed a series of tests and challenges that the jeep had passed. The IDF will be receiving 500 of the vehicles over the next five years, at a cost of NIS 40 million.