Report: Shalit Talks in Cairo

Al Hayat says Israel and Gaza terror entity have resumed negotiations, will talk through Egyptian intermediaries

Gil Ronen,

Schalit Flags
Schalit Flags
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Israel and the terror entity Hamas have resumed negotiations over the release of Gilad Shalit, according to Al Hayat, a London-based Arabic newspaper. Schalit has been held incommunicado by Hamas for over five years.

The newspaper reports that Israel's emissary, David Meidan, and Hamas terror chief Ahmed Jaabari will probably arrive at the Egyptian Intelligence Headquarters Monday and conduct indirect negotiations. Hamas and Israeli delegations will sit in separate rooms, with an Egyptian team mediating.
An Egyptian source told Al Hayat that Meidan and Jaabari were both in Cairo last week, and held separate meetings with "senior Egyptians." These meetings led to the resumption of indirect talks.
The Egyptian source said that there was no breakthrough in the talks as of yet. He said that agreement is possible if Israel is willing to pay a price for Shalit and that Hamas is interested in a deal "with fair conditions." Bereaved parents in Israel have demanded that the government tell the public which terrorists it intends to release in exchange for Shalit.
Shalit's parents recently met Rav Ovadiah Yosef and asked him to exert pressure on the government to effect the release of their son.