22 Killed in Afghanistan Suicide Bombing

Taliban suicide bombers kill at least 22 people in a raid on a governor's compound in Afghanistan.

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Elad Benari,

Kurram Taliban Fighters
Kurram Taliban Fighters
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Suicide bombers killed at least 22 people during a raid on a governor’s compound in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday, The Los Angeles Times reported.

The attack was carried out by six militants who stormed the walled headquarters of the governor of the Parwan province. A spokesman for Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry told The Times the raid began with a suicide car bomber detonating his explosives-filled vehicle at the compound’s main gate. Five heavily armed militants wearing suicide bomb vests then stormed the compound and exchanged gunfire with Afghan security forces inside.

Inside the compound, two of the militants detonated their explosives-filled vests and the other three were shot and killed by Afghan security forces. At least 16 government workers and six Afghan police were killed in the attack. Another 44 government workers and police were injured.

Taliban militants claimed responsibility for the attack. A Taliban spokesman claimed 48 Afghan government workers, police and foreign troops were killed. The Taliban routinely exaggerates the number of people killed and wounded in its attacks.

A spokeswoman for Abdul Basir Salangi, the governor whose compound was attacked, told The Times the attackers were able to get inside the governor’s building while a security meeting was underway. Salangi, who was at the meeting, survived the attack.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai, meanwhile, issued a statement condemning the attack.

“Carrying out terrorist attacks in the month of Ramadan is a sign of cowardice and obvious enmity toward the faithful people of Afghanistan,” Karzai said.