Blogger Urges: Murder Senator

FBI agents arrest a blogger who recommends that US Senator Joseph Lieberman be shot in the face "many times," but he may soon be released.

Chana Ya'ar,

Senator Joe Lieberman
Senator Joe Lieberman
Arutz Sheva: Wikipedia

A Philadelphia man has been picked up by the FBI after he threatened to shoot U.S. Senator (CT-Independent) Joseph Lieberman.

Dmitry Dyatlov, 23, threatened to shoot the Orthodox Jewish senator from Connecticut in an Internet blog post on August 1, according to a report posted on the NBC Connecticut website. Lieberman has been active in opposing President Barack Obama's policy on Israel and in warning Americans that political correctness can be dangerous when dealing with terrorism.

A naturalized citizen who immigrated from Uzbekistan in 1998, Dyatlov disappeared from his post as an Information Technology specialist with Accenture Consulting, prompting a co-worker to alert the police.

“Actually, there is at least one Jew who we absolutely must shoot in the face (many times) ASAP: Joe Lieberman,” Dyatlov allegedly wrote in his blog.

U.S. Capitol Police alerted federal agents, who arrested Dyatlov at his home the next day, according to court documents.

The blogger told agents who came to his home that he did not intend to carry out the threat himself. He said the senator should not be a member of the Senate Security Committee, a position which he felt empowered Lieberman to hurt many people, according to court documents.

“In order to fix the system you sometimes need to break the system,” he allegedly told the agents. Dyatlov was held following a hearing on bail. However, NBC reported he was expected to be released after being fitted with an electronic monitoring device.

There was no comment from Lieberman, who serves as chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Lieberman has said, however, that he will not run for re-election in 2012.