Stabbing Attack Thwarted in Hevron

Border police arrested a knife-weilding terrorist in Hevron who said his aim was to "stab soldiers."

Gabe Kahn.,

Cave of Patriarchs
Cave of Patriarchs
Flash 90

A knife-weilding Arab on Monday approached a border police station near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron and advanced on the officers there.

The officers confronted the terrorist at gunpoint and began "standard procedures" to safely arrest the man, who was appaerently so alarmed by the forcefulness of the response that he surrendered without incident.

Officers disarmed the man, arrested him, and handed him over the Palestinian Authority security forces for questioning.

During his initial interrogation by Israeli authorities the terrorist admitted that it was his aim to "stab soldiers."

The investigation of the incident, cleared for the media to report this afternoon, is ongoing.

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