Jordan to Join GCC in September

Jordan will begin the process of integrating into the six-member GCC in September, placing the would-be super-state on Israel's border.

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King Abdullah
King Abdullah

Jordanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Judeh said Sunday that the process of integrating the Hashemite Kingdom into the Gulf Cooperation Council will begin in September.

Judah told the Jordan News Agency, Judeh said the first meeting regarding Jordan’s membership in the GCC will be held immediately after Eid Al Fitr. Previously, Judeh had said the meetings would take place during Ramadan.

In May, the six-state bloc agreed to expand their regional grouping to include Jordan and Morocco, thereby including all eight Arab monarchies in its ranks.

Judeh said he has been in daily contact with his counterparts in the council and with the GCC general secretariat to coordinate the first meeting.

Due to joint challenges, commonalities and territorial contiguity between Jordan and Gulf countries, it was natural to develop relations between the two sides in this direction, Judeh said.

Earlier this year the GCC began discussions aimed at forming a unified diplomatic and military confederation as a ballast against growing Iranian influence and aggression in the region.

The inclusion of Jordan in such a confederation would place any future GCC super-state on Israel's eastern border.