Schalits Meet Rav Ovadiah

Noam and Aviva Schalit meet Shas's spiritual leader, ask him to pressure Netanyahu to bring their son home.

Gil Ronen,

Rav Ovadiah, Noam Schalit
Rav Ovadiah, Noam Schalit
Flash 90


Noam and Aviva Schalit, whose son Gilad is held incommunicado by terror group Hamas, met Rav Ovadiah Yosef in his Jerusalem home Monday. Rav Yosef is a venerated Torah sage and decisor (posek), who is also the spiritual head of the Shas party. 
Noam Schalit asked the Rabbi to put pressure on the government and the Prime Minister to bring about the release of Gilad, who was abducted while serving in the IDF near Gaza in 2006.
Shimshon Libman, one of the chief activists for Schalit's release, was present at the meeting. He said afterward that the Rabbi received the Schalits courteously and blessed them.
Television's Channel 2 News interviewed on Sunday a senior Hamas terrorist official, who said that Schalit is being held in good conditions. Sheikh Hassan Yousef, who was released from jail last week because of a shortage of cells, said that "if he were to be released soon, if there were an exchange deal, Schalit would tell you about the humane side, the personal treatment and the good living conditions he received."