Leftists Target Hevron Grapes
Did Carmel Wines Bow to Leftist Pressure on Hevron Grapes?

Hevron area official says Susia's business with Carmel Mizrachi was negatively affected, but the winemaker denies this.

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Gil Ronen, | updated: 20:53

Leftist anarchists (illustrative)
Leftist anarchists (illustrative)
Israel news photo: Flash 90


Major wine maker Carmel Mizrachi has denied claims made Wednesday by a Hevron area official that pressure from the left has slowed down Carmel's business with the grape growers at Susia's Har Sinai Ranch in the area.
Avidan Ofir – the former manager of the Har Sinai Ranch and currently the Land Inspector for the Har Hevron Regional Authority, in which the ranch is located– told Arutz Sheva's Hebrew-language service that following unrelenting leftist campaigns, Carmel Mizrachi has significantly slowed down its business with the Ranch. "We still have agreements with them but the price is not what it was," he said.
Ofir said that leftist-anarchist groups are waging an incessant campaign of intimidation against the Jewish agriculturalists at Susia. He named Ta'ayush, the Villages' Forum, anarchists and Rabbis for Human Rights as the main culprits.
Carmel Mizrachi Wineries Chairman Yisrael Ivtzan denied the Ofir's claim. "It never happened," he stated. Carmel Mizrachi continues to buy grapes from Susia but the decisions about what to do with the grapes and what products to manufacture are up to the company", he said.
The pressure on Carmel, he said, is not necessarily from the Israeli Left and not limited to products of Judea and Samaria. "We are under attack all of the time, throughout the world. The attack is on all Israeli products, but we buy and will continue to buy Susia's grapes and we will live up to all of our commitments."
Proponents of the recently passed Anti-Boycott Law in the Knesset claimed that the BDS world does not care in what area of  Israel products are manufactured so that internal left-inspired boycotting is not only subject to a fine today, it is also self-defeating.